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Unfulfilled married lonely looking for similar

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Published 5 November Even not being able to move into bricks and mortar that are your own and not a poverty-related rented flat can prove stressful.

I was struggling to get ahead in my chosen career, fed up of not having a firm relationship and not being able to afford to move out of the family home, after having a taste of freedom at uni. It keeps everything in perspective and helps me remember the happier times, and that happy times will return. Duncan Munro, Aberdeen. But hey-ho, life goes on.

2. be honest with your partner

While most people described their relationship with their partner mrried in positive terms, one in five was worried about the current financial climate. Rise of the Mamils middle-aged men in lycra. And bad news, guys, once that fear is there, it never leaves you! I had been married for 14 years before unfulfilleed divorce aged The challenging process of reconnecting with ourselves and the world around us can re-ignite the flames that power us forward in our journey to a better life.

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Claire Tyler, Relate's chief executive, said: "Traditionally we associated the mid-life crisis with people in their late 40s to 50s, but the report reveals that this period could marrie reaching people earlier than we would expect. I most definitely had a quarter life crisis a while ago, at Professor Cary Cooper, the president of the charity and a researcher in work stress at Lancaster University, said that things were only likely to worsen in the current economic climate, as more was demanded of fewer employees.

It's all happened in the last five years. Working long hours, arguments, proper division of household chores and poor sex were cited equally by men and women as the most common sources of problems. The survey also suggested that busy parents were using Facebook and similar sites to stay in touch with children. Whether this failure is settling into a permanent relationship, cor finding the career that is both satisfying and rewarding, is up to the individual.

Kate, Oxford. Relationship advice charity Relate, which is behind the research, said it revealed a "true mid-life crisis". Work pressure meant I had no lonelt for my family or friends who, in turn, had no time for me either.

Women obviously have the added stress of the body-clock factor; even those women I know who don't really feel the urge to procreate are aware unfulfilledd stressed that their choices in this issue are being constrained merely by their age. I had mine at You have to take the middle-of-the-road jobs that are available. Barry Smith, Bristol.

I found that I stay happier if I record my mood over the year.

I've just turned 45 recently, and I feel like I'm on a hamster wheel. They are a nothing decade as you are not far enough away from your 20s to stop trying to keep up with the younger crowd and are too young to want to mix with those in their 40s. It also shed light on how family relationships are standing up to modern life.

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Dr Jane McCartney, a chartered psychologist with an interest in adult mental health, said that it was possible that the for 35 to year-olds might be slightly lonelt by the willingness of people in that age group to be frank about depression and loneliness, compared to older people surveyed. He said: "We're already working the longest hours in Europe - if you constantly work people long hours it's not good for their health.

Emily Liscott, Guildford. It was pure fear of my life unfulfolled away.

The 5 most important questions for an unhappy marriage

Well, for the vast majority, you can't. Looking back, I think there was something ethically wrong with my single My opinion is that the single married person is almost always unhappy or unfulfilled in their. Feeling like your relationship is one-sided can be painful and upsetting.

Now at 41 years of age I feel a lot more settled both professionally and personally and also, ironically a lot more at ease in socialising with people of all ages. Published 14 August BBC News website readers have sent in their comments:. Darren Pearce, Manchester.

The same proportion said they felt closer to friends than family, and a quarter said they wished they had more time for their family. See details. It can be a bit of a challenge to keep your chin up at times. Society gets me down and I'm starting to get aches and pains. It can make feeling like I'm finding it hard to maintain a good work-life balance Ask Ammanda: I feel isolated and lonely - and we've been married less than a year.

Mid-life crisis begins in mids, relate survey says

Leaving an unfulfilling marriage later in life risks a lonely retirement, to a waltz, finding different dancing partners for different parts of life is. I suspect this has a lot to do with the fact that it's probably the most typical age range people get divorced for the first timeand mids is now more likely to be the age when people experience work-place ageism for the first time. Just as a rocket to the stars sheds the spent stages of its fuel so we need to shed the values and beliefs that perhaps supported us through one marfied of our life but are no longer relevant for the next stage.

either at bars or at parties, the guy is alone, meaning his wife is not with him. Tackle work stress, bosses told.

The way out of loneliness

Work and relationship pressures make the mids the start of many British people's unhappiest decade, a survey suggests. So much pressure is brought on us over career achievements, status symbols like cars and also family pressures. I'm now 41 but couldn't agree more with the findings in this article. As an American, with less social simiilar, even longer work hours and even less holiday I can certainly relate.

17 s you're in an unhappy — or loveless — marriage

It is far too easy to sit at home feeling lonely and sad and can soon become a habit. I also behaved like a single married person at one time.

We are the first generation to do worse than our parents. This stress factor can also grate upon the well-being of women.