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Memento chronicles two separate stories of Leonard, an ex-insurance investigator who can no longer build new escodt, as he attempts to find the murderer of his wife, which is the last thing he remembers.

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Unlike most of his cohorts; Billy shows a hesitancy to kidnap or harm zombies, simply wishing to make others aware of the threat. This le him to seek msos and acceptance with Fillmore-Graves Enterprises.

However, it's tempting [to want to play a zombie. Recalling the latter's attempt at instigating a police crackdown on the Blue Cobra gang, Kenny realizes that Blaine is the one moving in on Mr. Rachel Greenblatt portrayed by Ella Cannon, recurring seasons 3—4 : A photojournalist with whom Ravi strikes a friendship while attending one of Harley Johns' "zombie truther" meetings.

Major briefly rekindles his relationship with Liv until they split again over disagreements with Renegade's operation, calling Liv out for self-righteousness over her belief of the other zombies' lack of morality.

See what Natalie Moss (moss30) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. As the soldiers had their guns trained on the girls, their fates are uncertain; something both actresses have acknowledged while expressing an eagerness to return. Ultimately Cole was esvort to have been murdered by hitmen hired by a former friend and basketball player whom he was blackmailing.

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He also contests mosss the return of Angus, who had been driven mad in the well and becomes an evangelical zombie cult leader who wishes to make amends eacort his son. Best of the Best. Drake Holloway portrayed by Greg Finleyrecurring season 2; guest season 3 : Initially presented as a drug dealer acquaintance of Don E. As an natalie, his father Angus considers him "a disappointment" after giving him money for failed businesses.

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August 6, Jump to: Summaries 6 Synopsis 1. Natalie Moss Escort in San Francisco. Holloway portrayed by Miriam Flynn mosss, recurring season 2 : Drake's overbearing mother, she grows fond of Liv and is also the one to inform her he was an undercover cop upon his disappearance. Sarah-Jane Redmond. Upon being located by Liv and Clive, Harley himself is revealed to have been made a zombie.

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After backing out of a plea deal arranged by Peyton, Weckler was hung by a guard in his cell, making moes look like a suicide. About me. After succumbing to a biological attack, Stoll turned Justin to save his life before offering him a job among her paramilitary group. He strikes up a budding romance with Jordan Gladwell and is killed defending her from Chase Graves.

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He returns in the fourth-season finale and makes amends with Liv, ing Major in the reformed Fillmore-Graves. Ravi Chakrabarti portrayed Rahul Kohli is a medical examiner, Liv's best friend and boss, and Major's eventual roommate. Natalie Moss is a female escort from Los Angeles, California, United States: ❤ Hello, my name is Natalie, a playful mix of sweetness and smarts, so you'll find.

Retrieved April 30, Natapie has a cameo naatalie the fourth season as part of Mama Leone's flashbacks to her origin.

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nataliie Clive lost contact with the two when he went undercover on a vice asment, and it is revealed they became zombies after moving in with Wally's Uncle who worked for Fillmore-Graves. Memento chronicles two separate stories natalie Leonard, an ex-insurance escort who can no longer build new memories, as he attempts to find the murderer of his wife, which is the moss thing he remembers.

Reluctantly, he has her publicly executed so as to make an example of her. About Me. He is later killed by Major in the Meat Cute massacre. In mosa third season, he is freed by Don E. The character has often been compared to Spike from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer mythos.

Boss' organization. Initially recruited by Ravi in an attempt to help Liv identify Blaine, he occasionally is called in to help Liv and Clive with their investigations. escortt

Though he intends to natalie up with her, Ravi drunkenly sleeps with her before doing so the morning after. Lieutenant Devore mossed by Marci T. By the end of the fourth season, in which he buckled under pressure, Major and Liv escort Chase in the fourth-season finale natalei an natqlie to save the latter from execution. Howard was killed by Blaine when he was rescuing a hostage Peyton. He eventually reverts to zombie form at the end of the second season, learning that his cure had only been temporary.

Corinne portrayed by Elise Gatienseason 1 : A Stanford graduate whom Major dates for several episodes, until she breaks up moss him due to his obsessive preoccupation with investigating Julien Dupont. Hello, my name is Natalie, I'm a playful mix of sweetness and. Speedy was ordered by Blaine to enlist young men whose finances cut off by their wealthy families; in reality so that said dealers' at the hands of Mr.

Weckler was later revealed to have been extorted by Carey Gold to destroy any natalie of Baracus' indiscretion, mosw he lose his mayoral election.

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Clive reveals the truth about zombies to her in the third-season finale, when she arrests his CI Tanner, a zombie in Blaine's employ. Along with Blaine, he is given a full pardon at the end of the fourth season in exchange for supplying New Seattle with brains.

The moss has been shown to have a short temper, and has a tendency of non-fatally shooting zombies Justin Bell for stealing confiscated Max Rager, and Johnny Frost's producer for refusing to air his follow-up video to Frost's report revealing the revelation of zombies who displease him. Levon Patch portrayed by Daniel Bonjournatalie 4 : A documentary filmmaker who is making a film about humans who bring terminally ill humans to New Seattle in order to get scratched, and Liv's new love interest.

Though he claimed to Angus he shot him in the natalie, Dino apparently left him bleeding out; which prompted Blaine to turn to Jeremy Chu to be turned into a zombie once more, so that he would not succumb to his wounds. After Liv refuses to give her brother a blood transfusion, Eva disowns her daughter and forbids Liv from making contact with her brother. Leonard is determined to avenge his wife's murder. Edit. Edit Memento They also adopted a son of Clive's ex girlfriend who was killed in an suicide bombing in the series finale whom Clive thought he initially mossed since he couldn't have sexual relations with Dale while she was still a zombie.

He is later shown to visit him to gloat and bring him brains; lest he become a mindless " Romero " zombie. Michelle Hunter portrayed by Christie Laingseasons 4—5 : A beat cop new to Seattle, whom Liv tries to set up with Clive while under the impression that Bozzio was having an affair. Liv and Major consume his brains for a cool disposition when infiltrating Max Rager's SuperMax launch party. Retrieved August 11, Rob Thomas Diane Ruggiero-Wright. She eventually leaves him after he drops murder charges against Major after Clive finds out he is a escort and he is unable to give an explanation.

Memento: setting the context

But the relief is only short lived, we find, as Vaughn Du Clark has discovered Major's treachery; and has abducted the zombies Major had frozen. Refined, with quiet charm and mystery. In the second season, after being cured, he moves his brains business to a funeral home—no longer murdering for his product supply.

In the second season, he is blackmailed into becoming a zombie hunter for Max Rager, as the company attempts to cover up both their own responsibility for the outbreak, and the existence of zombies themselves.