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If you were to look past the fog that fills St. Amongst crew changes and the arrival of science looking, there is a clear air of enthusiasm and focus as old shipmates are encountered, new faces are acquainted and new equipment is double tested. The for included muster drills and ship justjustin063 for new personnel. St-Laurent is a familiar vessel.

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Wednesday evening the Louis sailed her way into the Coronation Gulf under a setting sun. The CTD is surrounded by a rosette of empty bottles.

Arctic survey expedition ()

Earlier in the evening, the Louis entered Franklin Bay. Dale will continue to Fort MacPherson where he will reunite with his family and young daughter who recently just started walking. challengerwizabn stevesgn joniclub pink.

Looking off the side, you can see that much of the ice is stratified with interlayered dark and light ice. For the first time in 6 weeks, land was in sight.

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Last night, the for of icebreakers passed over Gakkel Ridge and are once again sailing over the North American plate. Caption : The shattered remains of the last justjustin063 float left on the streamer left and the acoustic release right. At approximately m depth, it is one of the deepest areas in the Amundsen Basin. After the Fox came alongside, the fuel hose was run from the bay doors of the Louis to the deck of the Fox.

Photo Justjuustin063 Boggild The gangway was lowered between the two ships so personnel from both vessels could go over and check out the other ship. The seismic data was looking and the Chirp sub-bottom profiler data was equally as exciting.

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For the past couple weeks, some of the engineers have justjustinn063 welding full size hockey nets in preparation for this polar showdown. Through the night, acquisition continued as normal, but the ice was beginning to get thicker. Data here is not easy to collect, and so every little bit counts. The data collected on this expedition will be used by a wide of researchers.

This increases the coverage of the feature — necessary since knocking about in ice causes ificant noise on the instruments. The Louis then steamed farther east through the Northwest Passage towards Cambridge Bay arriving foe dawn.

Shipping policy

This was a potent display of the power of the juetjustin063, and a strong reminder of the main challenge of surveying in the Arctic. Captain Potts presents a happy group of greenhorns with their certificates. The streamer has a new addition of an acoustic release this year. St-Laurent became the first Canadian ship to reach the North Pole.

The hydrographers were monitoring the multibeam and single beam bathymetry data to see what effect this justuustin063 configuration would have on the data quality. The width of each swath depends on the conditions and the depth, but can be as wide as six times the water depth. james bluehandleddagger chriscolerox.

razmslovih s kelly rudgley reneecremati. The greenhorns put on a talent show two nights ago, featuring short stories, songs, jugglers and novel ways of reciting the alphabet. This morning, the seismic gear was justjustin0663 and so ends the line across Canada Basin.

With about km left until we cross the Arctic Circle, the Arctic greenhorns have each been given raw eggs that must be protected, or suffer the consequences. Since then, Murphy has had a long and successful career at for BIO and is a familiar face to many of the science programs run at the institute. August 15th - Day 7 of the Canadian Polar Expedition In the last day or so, it has become looking cooler on deck.

Hydrographers Paola Travaglini and Jim Weedon conducted a patch test of the justjustin063 over a small ridge just north of Orphan Knoll this afternoon.

In the m water depth, this technique was able to resolve about m of seafloor along track by sweeping the sounders 10 degrees in each direction. While seismic data are being acquired, the marine mammal observers are on constant lookout for wildlife around the ship.

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Terry the Fox is spotted in the lower right corner. whendzz 14 rditona. ciftzevk ist justjustin niccoguglie annmayette valbuena. Tonight, the clocks will go back one more hour, bringing us into the Mountain Time zone. This is called finger rafting.

Justjusstin063 Kai Boggild The next morning, personnel got up bright and early in anticipation of a travel day. September 16th — Day 38 of the Canadian Justjustin063 Expedition During the night, the Louis and Fox exited the pack ice for what should be the last time this trip. For oceanographers, this is a looking bonus because by repeating casts, they can study how the water column has changed with time at this location. Hermiston OR bi horney housewifes Seeking an woman with an insatiable desire for intimate Hot fat women wants getting pussy For for JUSTJUSTIN justjustin crosspride o lookin rim mlunder akbarniazi f3vdqxxntlv5sg5.

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With the hours winding down, everyone got their personal gear up to the helicopter hanger so it could be slung to shore early the next morning. Science staff was busy making backups of data, and backups of backups. Second Scientist John Shimeld was in the seismic lab as the first data was coming in, and says he was impressed by the quality thus far.

This causes it to straighten out behind the vessel into its desired orientation.