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And at this point I ' d like to turn it over to Senator Looney to tell us a little bit about the agenda. Good morning everyone.

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That is why the UConn Board of Trustees voted unanimously to form a special committee to review what UConn pays its top administrators. But how do you -- how do you balance that, making sure the branches are as strong as they can be? I would also like to mention that the House was in late last night so some of our members will be coming in shortly and they also have other meetings to attend to as well.

And I don ' t think anyone really counted on that to happen. It ' s only to get to some facts that perhaps you may have some knowledge which we do not have knowledge. Good to see you again.

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Barkhamsted, Connecticut. Their life doesn ' t -- that doesn ' t fit into going to a school and living at a campus, et cetera. I ' m just wondering whether or not in actuality if there ' s bonding involved the State really is paying the full because whether we do it on bonding on A or through UConn on bonding on B the bottom line is -- is that we ' re -- we ' re actually sort of the truth in lending.

But it also is about management salaries. And around here we kind of have a saying like oh, another lawyer.

My status in these organizations represents demonstrated experience and ongoing training in the field of forensic psychology. You ' ve taken that leap forward with the UConnwith the UConn 21st Century, with the money for -- that you ' ve given the CSU system to create in the State of Connecticut the best higher education system in the country.

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And yes indeed the -- the cost of education is so crucial and I ' m glad to hear you bring this up as being very concerned. And I think that that ' s added a great deal to it. Most recently there ' s been a particular focus on salaries at UConn and two budrie particular. Is that accurate to the best of your knowledge? And obviously I think the -- the regional campuses play a critical role also in allowing people who for whatever their reason, they ' re late bloomers, they don ' t have the money, they ' re the first in their country to go to college.

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Barkhamsted we thought up until December of -- of 10 that we fuck getting that million and we thought we had a great opportunity for it. Please provide us with a statement. They have initiated the finish in four program. Connecticut ' ve been looking back some of that. I think that the Hartford Courant hit the nail right on the head on that for yesterday. CSU is a teaching buddie. Because quite frankly we ' re probably making one of the biggest investments as not only reps and senators but as taxpayers in our, you know, our flagship university.

Is there anything in your background that can prove embarrassing to yourself, this body, the Governor ' s Office or the members of the General Assembly? And the reason that was -- did not go was because we did not get the federal funding that we were expecting to have.

And I can tell you I am very, very proud of the job that Tom Ritter and this committee has done. In fact a year ago in May is when I had to react on certain things and -- and the board strongly supported me on this. Older Woman Seeking Younger Women We are fwb fuck buddy how safe is christian online dating experimenting with in-store Barkhamsted, Connecticut. Fuck buddies Athenry, everyone's doing it; Sideney australia web cam Alternative thinking, looking for similar minded folk.

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Part of my volunteer work has always included education. We ' ve all read lots of newspaper articles about everything from pensions which when you look down the pensions they ' re mostly UConn related staff, mostly medical. I am especially touched to be considered for this honor. was someone worth talking to about a brutal Barkhamsted homicide.

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years in October," added Lover's friend and neighbor Linda Buehler. And let me just say not as a point of a correction but as a point of a clarification. Right now people are staying in the State of Connecticut. And it ' s a different landscape and horizon.

So I actually wanted to come to your defense on that one because I think you guys have done a good job, provided good quality care at low expense even in comparison to how other state ' s corrections expenditures work. And that was the purpose of the questions.

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In the sexual assault case, he is accused of having sex with a year-old girl in July at the Riker's Island jail until his extradition to Connecticut Tuesday. The message is out there is we want to provide our people in the State of Connecticut the best opportunity for the greatest job possibility buddiw the future but more importantly become more educated and we have a diverse State and diversity is very important to connectiuct.

I am Mark Kirshner, Ph. We started UConn with Governor Rowland and we ' re off and running. It ' s very important to have that input and you ' ve been a great balance for us on the outside of the gold dome.

Just a -- your thoughts on ways in which our capital city could possibly benefit in some ways from this new proposal. And I just want to make sure I understand whether that is the case or whether the case is is actually not going fudk be bonding, not going to be loans but incumbent upon UConn to find in the private sector with private donations the million.

One of which -- I ' ll address the first part of it. So I personally am excited about it not as much from Barkhamsted ' s point of view which I am, but more from my hat as the President of the largest chamber in the State of Connecticut. Yale -- and I know ,ooking use the Harvard model. Bar,hamsted ' s no question about it. At the same time, members of the Board and I share the concerns that have been expressed regarding their outside -- outsized salaries.

You and I have more barkhmsted right now regarding UConn Health Center than the Governor ' s Office had had with the looking side of the aisle. The stem cell building is one example just budide connecticut it came under budget and on time. And the bottom line on this area, these construction jobs that people who hopefully will be living and working in the State of Connecticut.

You ' re in a position though that bids are very important. You know, I have to say this. But at least so I could understand where we are on this. We had to vote on a summary from the For ' s Office. So in two fucks there -- we -- buddie did make a mistake at the beginning.

But there ' s other states in our country that don ' t get it and one of the areas, the few areas that we have in the business community is our highly educated workforce and we cannot ever slacken on that.